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Facing The Risk

Author: Mike Shea, President, Shea Barclay Group As the economy becomes more and more tumultuous, law firms continue to face higher risks and tougher business decisions. Account receivables are on the rise, collection timelines are lengthening beyond 90 days, clients are stretched thinner and thinner, while at the same time firms are doing everything they […]

Understanding Claims-made Insurance Policies

Author: Jack Compton, Advisor, Shea Barclay Group The vast majority of professional liability insurance policies are written in what is known as a “claims-made” form. Claims-made policies are drastically different than an “occurrence” based policy that most insurance buyers are familiar with, such as automobile or homeowners insurance. With an occurrence policy, there simply must […]

2015 State of the Market-Lawyers’ Professional Liability

Author: Mike Shea, President, Shea Barclay Group As temperatures begin to rise in Florida and (hopefully) the snow begins to melt up north, I find myself perplexed by the condition of the global market for lawyer’s professional liability (LPL) insurance. While we seem to have a continued influx of capacity, we also are starting to […]