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A push to make cops buy liability insurance in Minneapolis

As an advocate for victims of police brutality and their families, Michelle Gross has alternately worked with and needled Minneapolis city officials. During 30 years of activism, Gross has pursued many, if not most, ways for residents to improve police accountability, from designing civilian oversight to compiling hard-to-get complaint data. Then six years ago she […]

NJ: No Vicarious Liability for Partner Where LLP Lacked Tail Coverage

The requirement for a law firm organized as a limited liability partnership to maintain malpractice insurance does not extend to the period when a firm is winding up operations and has ceased to provide legal services, the Supreme Court has ruled. The plain language of Rule 1:21-1C ties the insurance mandate to the performance of […]

5 essentials of a Cyber liability insurance policy

Data breaches pose one of the most pressing and potentially devastating risks to businesses across the globe. The significant financial and reputational damage resulting from a hack can impact the entire business on an unprecedented scale. The problem is increasingly widespread in our hyper-connected world, and according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 781 data […]