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The Surprising Truth About The Internet: Do you know what people are saying about you and your practice?

Several recent articles we’ve read have shown doctors groups paying increased medical malpractice claims and in some cases being denied insurance in part thanks to a surprising reason: bad online doctor and doctor practice reviews. Those reviews were written on third-party sites many doctors don’t even realize they are being rated at and that they […]

Cybersecurity and Insuring That You Protect Your Business A Creditors Rights In-Depth Podcast

Unfortunately, data breaches and other cyber-crimes are now inherent challenges of doing business in any industry. In the past few years, data breaches have resulted in major fines, legal fees, and headaches – for not just large organizations but small businesses and professional services firms as well. No business is completely immune from being hacked […]

Is your company prepared for a digital disruption?

  In 2013, Target had a data breach, with 40 million credit and debit cards compromised, costing them an $18.5 million settlement – and $202 million in internal costs, not to mention the bad press and lost trust they got for this. In 2017, a Security Leader survey found 80% of security leaders anticipate data breach in […]

The Many Faces of Risk Mitigation at Your Firm

  Every good legal professional knows the importance of protecting their firm from the mishaps and misfortunes that will inevitably occur. It can be hard enough to provide quality representation to clients when everything goes exactly right, but what happens when there is an error? A paralegal misses a deadline, a lawyer doesn’t properly notify […]

Keeping Back to School Safe for You and Your Family

  It’s that time again, the first week of school!! Thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram you can happily share your child’s first day of school with friends and families everywhere. We all love those back to school pictures you share of your cute kiddos! Everyone so cheery and fresh in front […]

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Have you or your business been a victim of a cyber attack? If you haven’t, count yourself as fortunate. For the past 15 years, cybersecurity attacks have increased in frequency and severity.  In 2017, almost 58% of businesses experienced some form of a cyber-attack1.  Even with the seemingly endless amount of products, tools, and related […]

Telehealth Care Platform Presents New Insurance Challenges

  Telehealth is a burgeoning industry in markets worldwide. The global telemedicine industry is expected to reach $35 billion by 2020[1]. Medical industry statistics project that telemedicine consultations will surge to 160 million cases by 2020, a 700 percent increase since 2015. More than 20 million Americans accessed remote healthcare services in 2017, according to […]

5 Top Tips to Prepare You for a Hurricane

Summer started and brought with it the beginning of another hurricane season. So now it’s time to prepare and review your plans for hurricanes and tropical storms.  The hurricane season starts June 1st and ends November 1st.  The key to any plans for an emergency situation is preparedness and then acting on those plans when […]

Van Gorder Insurances Services Joins Forces with Shea Barclay Group

We are pleased to announce that VanGorder Insurances Services is joining forces with Shea Barclay Group as we expand our presence in Orlando/Altamonte as well as our specialty in the medical malpractice space. VanGorder Insurances Services specializes in the healthcare industry working with physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare entities throughout the State of Florida.  The […]

4 Questions with Mike Shea, President and CEO

We recently sat down with Mike Shea, our President and CEO, and the author of the article on the state of the insurance industry for Q1 2018 to ask him a few questions on his views and how he manages work-life balance. Here’s a closer look at the man behind the Shea Barclay name. Question: Why […]

Curious about the Current State of Insurance?

A note from our CEO and President, Mike Shea What’s the state of insurance for the first quarter of 2018? Short answer: It’s flat or trending down. Longer answer: The current state of the global insurance market is as strong as it has ever been. All statistical data, despite a very difficult 2018 in terms […]

Tim Nolen Appointed to The Board of Architecture & Interior Design

In January 2018, Governor Rick Scott formally announced the appointment of four individuals to the Board of Architecture & Interior Design, one of whom is our very own Tim Nolen! Tim is a University of Central Florida graduate and a Tampa native. He is also one of our top Account Executives and specializes in Professional […]

C.A. Services A Prescription for Success or Failure

Tim Nolen, Professional Liability Specialist – Shea Barclay Group I’m sure everyone’s seen a stock construction photo like the one above. A few idiots gleefully smiling, holding documents, and pointing at something “important”. Most of us know how ridiculous this sight is, but still, this is the picture many owners have in their head when […]