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Shea Barclay Group Welcomes Two New Partners Into The Firm

Shea Barclay Group (SBG) has announced the addition of two new partners to the firm. Effective January 1st, 2021, Jack Compton and Harrison Tropp have been elevated to equity partners of the Tampa

DS News Article by Advisor Harrison E. Tropp

Harrison Tropp, an Advisor at Shea Barclay Group, wrote an article for DS News. In his article he gives insight to five specific types of cyber threats, and how understanding each type can better

Prepare Your Small Business for Hurricane Season

If you are a resident of Tampa, the first week of June you received notification from the city about the start of hurricane season. It was a brief and to the point statement. Similar

Sports Time For You, Your Clients and Employees

Creating connections between your clients, team, and community creates better relationships. There is no better opportunity to do this than a sports event. Getting together and hosting a watch

Identity Theft at Tax Time

Sharing your employer info at tax time in a way that protects all parties involved. With tax season right around the corner and the time for W-2's to have been sent, are you making sure

Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019! A few days into the New Year and with the gorgeous days in Florida, we are loving the New Year! It’s nice to take a moment and look forward to a new year. It’s a clean

The Surprising Truth About The Internet: Do you know what people are saying about you and your practice?

Several recent articles we’ve read have shown doctors groups paying increased medical malpractice claims and in some cases being denied insurance in part thanks to a surprising reason: bad

Cybersecurity and Insuring That You Protect Your Business A Creditors Rights In-Depth Podcast

Unfortunately, data breaches and other cyber-crimes are now inherent challenges of doing business in any industry. In the past few years, data breaches have resulted in major fines, legal fees, and

Is your company prepared for a digital disruption?

  In 2013, Target had a data breach, with 40 million credit and debit cards compromised, costing them an $18.5 million settlement - and $202 million in internal costs, not to mention the

The Many Faces of Risk Mitigation at Your Firm

  Every good legal professional knows the importance of protecting their firm from the mishaps and misfortunes that will inevitably occur. It can be hard enough to provide quality

Keeping Back to School Safe for You and Your Family

  It's that time again, the first week of school!! Thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram you can happily share your child's first day of school with friends and

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Have you or your business been a victim of a cyber attack? If you haven’t, count yourself as fortunate. For the past 15 years, cybersecurity attacks have increased in frequency and severity.

Telehealth Care Platform Presents New Insurance Challenges

  Telehealth is a burgeoning industry in markets worldwide. The global telemedicine industry is expected to reach $35 billion by 2020. Medical industry statistics project that

5 Top Tips to Prepare You for a Hurricane

Summer started and brought with it the beginning of another hurricane season. So now it’s time to prepare and review your plans for hurricanes and tropical storms.  The hurricane season starts

Van Gorder Insurances Services Joins Forces with Shea Barclay Group

We are pleased to announce that VanGorder Insurances Services is joining forces with Shea Barclay Group as we expand our presence in Orlando/Altamonte as well as our specialty in the medical

4 Questions with Mike Shea, President and CEO

We recently sat down with Mike Shea, our President and CEO, and the author of the article on the state of the insurance industry for Q1 2018 to ask him a few questions on his views and how he

Curious about the Current State of Insurance?

A note from our CEO and President, Mike Shea What's the state of insurance for the first quarter of 2018? Short answer: It's flat or trending down. Longer answer: The current state of the global

Meet Tim Nolen

Tim Nolen is not only one of our top employees here at Shea Barclay but he's also an interesting guy all around. We sat with Tim and asked him a few personal questions. Here's what he had to

Tim Nolen Appointed to The Board of Architecture & Interior Design

In January 2018, Governor Rick Scott formally announced the appointment of four individuals to the Board of Architecture & Interior Design, one of whom is our very own Tim Nolen! Tim is a

C.A. Services A Prescription for Success or Failure

Tim Nolen, Professional Liability Specialist – Shea Barclay Group I’m sure everyone’s seen a stock construction photo like the one above. A few idiots gleefully smiling, holding documents,

A Guide To Mastering the Tasks of Parenthood & Professionalism

Authored by: Talyn Guercio, WILL Editorial Committee Growing up, no matter my age, I always knew that I wanted to be a working professional. I don’t make that statement in the context of a

Employee Retention: Building the Talent in your Organization

Tim Nolen, Professional Liability Specialist – Shea Barclay Group According to PSMJ's Architecture, Engineering, and Contractor firm research from 2016, most employees find the relationship with

Sarasota Manatee Chapter Presentation

Mike Shea and Jack Compton presented to the Sarasota/Manatee Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) on Tuesday, August 15th. They discussed cyber liability as it relates to law firms, and the

What this Tampa insurance brokerage’s growth means for the local economy

Published: August 10, 2017 A consolidating insurance brokerage industry has created opportunity for Shea Barclay Group. The Tampa agency bought Nolan Insurance, also in Tampa, in June, and is

Florida Juvenile Justice Association Board of Directors

Mike Shea Sr with Shea Barclay Group made a presentation on June 27th to the Florida Juvenile Justice Association Board of Directors on employee benefit cost containment strategies. For more

Our office now boasts amazing artwork by artist Joe Sale

Our office now boasts amazing artwork by artist Joe Sale. Check out his work... To learn more about him, visit:

Project Transition USA: Assisting military veterans transition from military to civilian life

Project Transition USA is a not for profit. Michael Shea is a founding board member. There are monthly workshops at MacDill Airforce Base and assist our military veterans transition from military to

Tampa YMCA Veggie Van

The Shea Barclay Staff Volunteered at the Tampa YMCA Veggie Van on April 24th. We provided nutritious fruits and vegetables for more than 200 families and pack 420 bags of

Women in Business – Fueling Future Growth

Talyn Guercio and Samantha Vergara attended Women in Business – Fueling Future Growth on Thursday, April 6 at Le Meridien Downtown. The sspecial guest speaker was Mel

Jack Compton spoke at Jesuit High School

Jack Compton spoke at Jesuit High School’s annual Career Day on March 8th, discussing his role at Shea Barclay Group and a career in the insurance industry. Jack is a 2007 graduate of

Past Event, March 25 – Bark in the Park

David Rash at Bark in the Park this past weekend. Thanks to all that attended and

3rd Annual Doggie Dash Pet Rescue by Judy

3rd Annual Doggie Dash Pet Rescue by Judy. One of our Advisors, Sandy Garrick, attended the

Michael Shea attending the Port of Tampa Bay Luncheon

Michael Shea attending the Port of Tampa Bay Luncheon. Topics of discussion will include: A recap of what has been accomplished over the past year such as adding direct service from Tampa to Cuba

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: “Light The Night Thank You Reception”.

On January 17, Greg Weaver, one of our advisors, will be attending the "Light The Night Thank You

5th Annual Tampa Multifamily Happy Hour

5th Annual Tampa Multifamily Happy Hour Greg Weaver, one of our advisors, attended the event at Maggiano’s Restaurant Westshore

Michael Shea will be on That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly next Friday January 6th

Michael Shea will be on That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly Friday January 6th. Radio station 1250am at

USFN Member Event, Charleston, SC

Vern Barclay will be attending the USFN Member Event, Charleston, SC on November

Shea Barclay sponsored the Tampa Pig Jig

Shea Barclay sponsored the Tampa Pig Jig and competed in the BBQ competition this weekend. We came in 1st for brisket. To see all the winners, click

Orlando ALA Vendor Appreciation Event

Orlando ALA Vendor Appreciation Event Jack Compton and Mike Shea will be attending the Orlando ALA Vendor Appreciation Event on

CNA Annual Womens Golf Outing on October 18th

Jennifer Pizzarello, Sandy Garrick & Talyn Guercio will be participating in the CNA Annual Womens Golf Outing on October

Pet Rescue by Judy After Party for Pulse Orlando Oct 8

Sandy Garrick will be walking dogs that are up for adoption at a parade in honor of the Pulse nightclub shooting

Komen Central Florida Race for the Cure: October 23

October 23 Central Florida: Sandy Garrick will be at the Komen Central Florida Race for the Cure For information, visit:

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Takes Action on Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rates

Tallahassee, FL – After a thorough review of the workers’ compensation insurance rate filing submitted by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and careful consideration of

The Florida Supreme Court recently made two separate rulings that have triggered a monumental reform of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Laws and Rates.

As some of you may be aware, the Florida Supreme Court recently made two separate rulings that have triggered a monumental reform of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Laws and rates. The recent

Medical malpractice case settled for $6 million

MERCER – A judge on Wednesday approved a $6 million settlement in a medical malpractice case. Leigh A. Isaacs initiated the action in response to the death of her husband, Harold D. Isaacs Jr.

Uptick in Lawyers’ Liability Claims; Business Transactions Top Claim: Study Shows

Law firms have seen an increase in the frequency of malpractice claims, which are becoming more costly to defend and could cause lasting reputational damage, according to a new study by insurance

Vern Barclay attends ALFN event in Asheville

Vern Barclay has been at an ALFN event for the last few days in Asheville About the ALFN The ALFN is a national network of legal and residential mortgage banking professionals and leads the

A push to make cops buy liability insurance in Minneapolis

As an advocate for victims of police brutality and their families, Michelle Gross has alternately worked with and needled Minneapolis city officials. During 30 years of activism, Gross has pursued

NJ: No Vicarious Liability for Partner Where LLP Lacked Tail Coverage

The requirement for a law firm organized as a limited liability partnership to maintain malpractice insurance does not extend to the period when a firm is winding up operations and has ceased to

5 essentials of a Cyber liability insurance policy

Data breaches pose one of the most pressing and potentially devastating risks to businesses across the globe. The significant financial and reputational damage resulting from a hack can impact the

What will they think of next? Compliance related insurance and the ever increasing demands…

By Jack Compton, Advisor at Shea Barclay Group With law firms in the collection and default space facing unprecedented levels of compliance demands from clients, coupled with what has become an

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Gala

Shea Barclay & Greg Weaver are large supporters of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This past weekend was a fantastic gala. The Girl of the Year is Marissa. The Boy of the Year is

The National Creditors Bar Association (NARCA)

Both Mike Shea and Jack Compton attended the NARCA convention in Chicago. The National Creditors Bar Association (NARCA) is a trade association dedicated to serving law firms engaged in the

YMCA Annual Giving Campaign

Shea Barclay is a big supporter of the YMCA and helps support the YMCA in the Tampa Community. Michael Shea spent time helping out at the Annual Giving Campaign. For more information on the Tampa

6 Big Business Insurance Risks (and How to Mitigate Them)

Every business comes with a certain amount of risk. Although pitfalls and challenges can't be avoided, they can be mitigated with the proper precautions, planning and insurance coverage. Insurance

Professional Services Firms under threat: data security breaches and compliance risks

The recent fallout from the “Panama Papers” data leaks have not only thrown the use of offshore tax havens and fiscal transparency back into the spotlight, but also highlighted the threat of data

April 18th – Mike Shea will be running in the 120th Boston Marathon Race

Press Release: Mike Shea of the Shea Barclay Group in Tampa, Florida will be running in the 120th Boston Marathon Race. DISTANCE: 26 MILES, 385 YARDS (42.195 KILOMETERS) The Boston Marathon

29th Annual Tampa Bay Business Hall of Fame Dinner

Shea Barclay Group had the privilege and honor of hosting a table at last night's 29th Annual Tampa Bay Business Hall of Fame Dinner. This year's class of inductees included Harris Mullen,

Amid Hacking Threats, Law Firms Turn to Cyber Insurance

With news of crippling cyberattacks against big companies making regular headlines, more and more law firms are buying cyber insurance to cover the cost of a data breach. According to insurance

How should an attorney should handle a mistake

Although there are steps that attorneys can take to reduce the likelihood of making an error, mistakes still happen in the course of an attorney-client relationship. Involve the legal malpractice

Shea Barclay Group Proudly Sponsoring Gasparilla Music Festival March 12-13, 2016

Gasparilla Music Festival 2016 FEEL GOOD MUSIC Erykah Badu, Stephen "Ragga" Marley, Greensky Bluegrass, Ms Mr, Houndmouth, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, Talib Kweli, Savoy,

Michael Shea – Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic

Michael Shea completed the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Marathon this weekend. He finished 4th overall out of 344 finishers. While being a bit sore, he competed and completed the 15K, 5K and

National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo

Shea Barclay will be attending the Mortgage Bankers Association meeting and USFN in Orlando on February 16-18th. Both Shea & I will attend the meeting to support our multiple USFN clients and

Sandy Garrick – Participating in 5K Run on 1/24/16

Sandy Garrick: Pet Rescue by Judy – Participating in 5K run on 1/24/16 For more information go to: Pet Rescue By Judy's Facebook

Facing The Risk

Author: Mike Shea, President, Shea Barclay Group As the economy becomes more and more tumultuous, law firms continue to face higher risks and tougher business decisions. Account receivables are on

Understanding Claims-made Insurance Policies

Author: Jack Compton, Advisor, Shea Barclay Group The vast majority of professional liability insurance policies are written in what is known as a “claims-made” form. Claims-made policies are

2015 State of the Market-Lawyers’ Professional Liability

Author: Mike Shea, President, Shea Barclay Group As temperatures begin to rise in Florida and (hopefully) the snow begins to melt up north, I find myself perplexed by the condition of the global